Triple J Mix!

Hello All,

Here is a hour long mix I did for Australian radio station Triple J to promote my current tour out here. An hour of Stuff I am currently playing out, a few older bits.. A small tribute to people who have passed on (hopefully reasonably in tune – I fought with it for hours) – and maybe even a remix that will never see the light of day.. Hope you like!

Videos! – Fire Extiguisher


So This is Music and myself have had some videos made for the tracks on the Madrigal EP. First up is Brendan Canty’s Fire Extinguisher. You can find out more about him here:

30 Minute Mix for Annie Nightingale

A few weeks back I did a 30 minute mix for Annie Nightingale’s Radio One show. You can hear it here: Boy 8-Bit Annie Nightingale 30 Min mix by Boy 8-Bit

Its a 30 minute mix of Various Boy 8-Bit tracks and ideas that were re-worked for a mix CD that sadly never saw the light of day.. Its a proper patchwork job as some of the tracks are cut directly out of the mix itself, you can actually hear parts of the tracks they were mixed in to in some places!

In the future perhaps I’ll post the original mix..

Here is the tracklisting:

Boy 8-Bit – ?
Boy 8-Bit – The Keep (Remix)
Two Bears – Work it out
Boy 8-Bit – House on the Hill
Boy 8-Bit – (Grave) YardBirds
Boy 8-Bit – We move by night to avoid detection (“Smooth Jazz” Mix)
Wax – 30003B
Boy 8-Bit – Madrigal
Boy 8-Bit – Tropical Heat (Remix)
Boy 8-Bit – International Language School For Girls
Boy 8-Bit – ?

July Chart

I recently did a chart for Beatport which I put a link to below. Not sure if you can embed the charts from the new site, so until I find out, here it is again in old school style:

1. Light Year – 5 Girls (Harvard Bass Remix) (Bang Gang)
2. Boy 8-Bit – Madrigal (This Is Music)
3. Moonbean – Motus (Traum)
4. Zak Khutoretsky – Polyphonic Love (Transmat)
5. Ripperton The Panther – Unreleased Mix (Perspectiv Records)
6. Manuel Torobin – Fuck yeah! (Parquet)
7. Rene Amesz – Get Together (This is Recordings)
8. Douglas Greed – Western Hives (Acker Records)
9. Untold – Cool Story Bro (Hessle Audio)
10. Stephan Bodzin – Luka-Leon (Herzblut)